Warenel is a retro styled side-scrolling game with RPG mechanics. Expect sword fights, magic casting, massive fearsome creatures and destructive magic all wrapped up into a plot that has you travelling across the lands…

NOTE: We are currently working towards a playable demo by the end of 2017


As Quintaro you must hack, slash, dodge and blast your way through the different and unique environments of Warenel. Encounter a multitude of enemies to overcome with your trusty travelling companion Mia.

Explore a non-Linear adventure where your choices decide your route to your goal. Do you chase the coin as a mercenary or do it for the fame?

Utilise 6 different character classes to change your play style in-game. Do you play as the strong warrior, the magic powerful wizard or the quick and deadly assassin.

Over 70 character upgrades to learn throughout your journey allowing for a tailored and unique character.

And much more ….



Demo Testing – September 2017


 Demo Testing – March 2017


Demo Testing – October 2016


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