Video games have evolved rapidly in the past few decades. Previously considered as a form of entertainment, video games have changed drastically to become an art form powered by a million-dollar industry. The boom in the gaming industry is due to better hardware, a rising interest and more and more people leaning towards the industry. With the rise of internet speeds and distribution platforms, Indie gaming has also gained quite a following.

What are Indie games?

Indie Games or Independent Games are those that are created by a single individual or a small developmental team working together. These games do not rely on financial backing by a video game publisher. Instead, indie games are usually sold on digital distribution platforms, such as the most popular one Steam. Gamers can easily purchase these games online which provides the developers with their main source of revenue.
Indie games are usually smaller than mainstream and big budget games. However, being independent allows the developers to unleash their full creative potential because there is not any publisher to pose constraints. This ensures that indie games are not driven by financial interests and hence they connect to the true gaming culture. Also developers are free to experiment new ideas and innovative concepts which leads more to the popularity of indie games. This has resulted in indie games being highly praised as introducing new forms of gameplay, being more innovative and having more engaging elements than traditional big name games which has led to their massive popularity and fan followings.

Over the years

Over the years, Indie games have gained a lot of popularity, both amongst teenagers and the adults alike. Indie games are not new at all; however, they have steadily gained popularity in the latter half of the 2000s. This was due in large part to the internet where gamers could gather together to discuss on forums as well as digital content delivery platforms which made sales easier. Indie games were initially made for PC’s only but they have moved onto gaming consoles as well. Over the past 16 years, they have greatly evolved in popularity and in the design of individual games as well!

A successful example

One of the most successful indie games is Minecraft. Initially created by a Swedish programmer Markus Persson, Minecraft gained such popularity to become a cult hit and generate a massive fan following. Its popularity soared so much that in 2014 Microsoft Inc. bought Minecraft and all its related assets for a whopping $2.5 billion.

How you can implement your ideas?

It is widely understood these days that you do not have to invest a lot into designing video games. If you have a creative passion waiting to be unleashed, then indie games may be the right thing for you. The experimentation and testing will allow you to implement the ideas that you want and you can easily sell your product on platforms such as Steam. Indie gaming has made game development a bigger industry then ever!

Currently making an indie game? Please feel free to share your experience or tips for those who are looking to get into games production.

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