Portfolio – Conrad Daly

About me

Conrad – a Media Specialist, aged 34 and father of 2.

I’m someone who is naturally creative and thrives on creativity and innovation which is displayed on my wide skillset from 3D animation to programming. My knowledge is something that was self-taught over the past decades and experience gained during my 9 to 5 job working with global clients.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing some exciting works with various foreign governments and global brand leading company over the years of working with a leading creative agency within CNN. During this journey, I’ve gained experience and insight into the workings and execution of big budget projects and particularly the post- production workflow in making a big campaign happen.

Myself on the job

I’m also founder of Quinton Studios – a start-up games company which is producing our first game Warenel and the development team is myself supported by freelancers and contributors. My role stretches from Project management – scheduling work, managing freelancers and costs, programmer – coding the game within the Unity game engine using the C# programming language, Sound Designer – sourcing and editing the sfx and Game Developer/Producer – designing the game from concept, game mechanics and integrating all aspects of the game (coding, graphics, music, sound, UI).

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