Professional gamers are striking it big in the video games industry, and the entertainment industry as a whole is catching wind of this trend. When you can make over a million dollars a year playing the video games you love, that’s a sign and there’s no denying that eSports is encroaching the critical mass point. ESports, or “electronic sports” professionals spanning many game genres are bringing home more cash than their ‘educated’ parents. The recent winners of the DotA 2 tournament in Seattle, Washington each took home nearly $1 million each! No, you didn’t read that wrong, there is the word “million” after the $1.

According to an estimate CNN predicts that by 2019 global revenue for eSports should reach and smash the $1 Billion mark! And that’s no joke, a sport which has seen constant rise in popularity, only last year around 1.3 Million viewers tuned in to watch NBC’s live coverage as the New England Patriots won a super bowl victory that’s over three times as many people as 2012 when the event was streamed live online.
So – yes people, eSports is no joke and it’s here to stay! If people can logon online to watch an event like to super bowl it means that online viewership has tremendous potential and in the video game industry, it has seen a rise for a completely new category!

ESports is today a multi-million pound industry and vocal fans all over the globe and is becoming the fastest growing, most viewed sport in the United States. Essentially the industry is all about covering competitive video gaming as a spectator sport – the potential audience for which has grown to 1.4 Billion globally with both participants and manufacturers making a run to brand their own unique form of offering to exploit the space where there still just might be territory to seize.

Don’t believe us? Well consider this, in 2015 approximately 36 million people streamed the League of Legends world final – this was an increase of 30% from the previous year! The ESL One Tournament was packed and sold out the Theatre in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Popular cable channels such as TBS and ESPN are already preparing themselves for the next big wave of “sporting” entertainment. The exception here is the sporting events that will be broadcasted won’t require a huge soccer stadium or a football field.

So is it just a buzzword? The figures speak from themselves!
Do you watch eSports, and what do you think about its recent rapid growth?

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