Sports require practice, resolve, and teamwork. And while at first glance video-games might not fit with those things, you’d be surprised how well they actually do. ESports are essentially video games played professionally, or as a sport. Players usually compete by themselves or with a team depending on the game being played. ESports leagues like Major League Gaming (MLG) organize smaller tournaments and huge competitions for rookies to professional competitors alike.

Like any other sport, eSports requires dedication and training. Individual players will practice for hours on end, using video games to make a living. Teams on the other hand practice and train together in the same facility, and support themselves off of championships and sponsorships.

ESports have also seen a giant rise in popularity just recently. Major championships have booked out huge arenas for events, reaching up to 100,000 spectators and participants at a single competition last year. Streaming, or internet video broadcasting, is another quintessential part of eSports’ popularity, allowing tens of millions of viewers to tune into different competitions live.

There is money to be made in this market too. The highest professional earners have made over two million dollars per person, while major tournaments have reached pots of up to twenty million dollars. Teams can earn sponsorships from a variety of companies who invest in them to market their product and grow eSports as a whole. So despite its relatively recent emergence, eSports are on the rise as both a market and competitive arena.

Interested? We’ll be expanding on the subject of eSports soon, so keep a lookout for more content!

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